According to National Institute of justice, the standard of resistance against the threat levels is broadly classified into six levels. These are level 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A and 4. Levels 1 to 3A corresponds to the soft body armor while level 3 and 4 belongs to the hard body armor.

Hard body armor is specifically used against extremely powerful ammunitions. Level 3 or 4 ballistic vest are a conjunction of hard armor plates (ceramic or polyethylene SAPI plates) and soft body armor. Usually, Level 3 ballistic vest can resist 7.62 full metal jacketed bullets and other 48 joules of energy weaponry. This is considered the highest level of protection among the standard resistance capacity except for level 4 which are most likely custom-made vests specially designed to defeat more advanced ammunitions.

While some bullet proof vest may stop bullets from coming through the armor, this is oftentimes not enough, as people can still suffer extreme injuries from the force of the impact between the bullets and the armor.  With the Ceramic or Polyethylene SAPI Plate Body Armor, the wearer will receive the best protection possible. The combination of the Plate body armor and the specially designed fabric stops bullets from penetrating and simultaneously helps to reduce the impact of blunt force on a person’s body. The ceramic or Polyethylene SAPI plate is made according to the highest of standards and will keep the wearer’s body safe and protected.

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