The Right Types of Ballistic Combat Helmets For You

Protective headgear is meant to offer protection in diverse conflict settings. But, with the war theatre and civilian distress zones undergoing a drastic change, where conflicts often turn out to be ugly and bloody, the headgear now needs to be able to render superior protection, and also accommodate extra electronic equipment to be mounted for use in the conflicts.

The Solutions available  

The requirements would send you hunting for the potential options available in the form of PASGT, MICH, and ACH. Each of these types of Ballistic Combat Helmets has specific characteristics and offer a varied level of protection and utility.

Assessing the specifications closely would help you to narrow down the choice to the most suitable option for you, and take a well-informed decision.


PASGT, Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops, is traditional gear that appeared in the 1980s. This equipment is still being widely used, thanks to the extensive improvements brought about in the design specifications. Today’s PASGT equipment is far lighter in weight and offers superior threat deterrence against bullets and fragments.

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