Soft Body Armor From America Body Armour

Soft Body Armor

Soft Body Armor

America Body Armour is specialized in the development and production of soft body armor and hard body armor. Based on an own multidisciplinary R&D team, America Body Armour has developed innovative and patented concept products such as soft body armor and hard body armor. America Body Armour soft armor range also benefits from being thin and flexible resulting in excellent ergonomic properties. These criteria are met for all international armor standards and often been achieved by using technologically advanced materials exclusively available to American Body Armor. Our soft body armor product is enhanced to provide additional flexibility.

With state – of- the art technology we have various design available in soft body armor. America Body Armour designs and manufactures a broad offering of soft body armor that is certified to the latest and most stringent NIJ-0101.06 standard. Our body armor company offer exceptional wear ability by delivering a lightweight and flexible solution while meeting the rigorous NIJ Standard.

America Body Armour has been at the forefront in producing lighter weight, higher performing, more comfortable armor systems solutions for those faced with the most challenging conditions on the battlefields and in the streets. The company has creatively driven the technology of armor to new levels and is continually upgrading technology to meet changing threats.

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