Ballistic Personal Protective Equipment Series – Hardshell FZE

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Ballistic Personal Protective Series – Hardshell FZE

HARD SHELL is a leading Personal protective Product manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in UAE, Asia, and the U.S.A. We are a cutting –edge, customer-centric focused on continually discovering and delivering the most quality products available. We are committed to providing quality personal protective equipment to satisfy warriors and personnel’s expectations and needs. Our goal is to attain maximum satisfaction, pursuing excellence and relentless improvements in all our operations and deliver quality products on time, with exceptional service. Our bullet-resistant vests, panels, and helmets are compiled to highest international safety standards and certified by international laboratories. We work to serve the increasing demand for personal protection equipment both in the domestic and global markets in compliance with the highest international safety standards.

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Hard Shell is a multi-location company. It provides full body safety protection equipment's as per costumer requirements. Visit: