Industry of Ballistic Body Armour

body armour

Hard Shell is the leading manufacturer of high quality body armour products for the use of military and civilians worldwide. We always strive to include important factors in our body armour range which are as follows:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Durability

Our body armour is manufactured using only the best available materials in the market: Kevlar®. Hard Shell body armour delivers the best possible value in terms of body armour.

Our body armour are unsurpassed in quality and all designed for a more casual environment in comparison with those of military or tactical training units. The body armour is the ideal choice for police officers who occasionally need increased protection against high velocity rounds or machine gun threats.

Our body armour delivers maximum, uncompromised protection using the world’s strongest fibre Kevlar®, which enables us to produce body armour which are very flexible, extremely light and very durable.

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