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Before we initiate the Topic that how much does a Bullet Proof Vest Cost, we will first discuss

what is a Bullet Proof Vest?

A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, often termed as the bulletproof vest is personal protective armor which helps in absorbing the impact or stopping penetration to the body from fired projectiles– and shrapnel, and is worn on the torso area. Over the centuries, different cultures developed a different type of body armor for use during combat.  The one used in present time consists of a panel, basically, a vest-shaped sheet of advanced polymers which is composed using many layers of either Spectra Shield, Kevlar, Aramid or some different material.

The price of the Vest is mainly dependent upon the material used for Soft Armour Panel if it’s a Vest made using local raw material it will definitely cost lesser than the one made with quality raw material.

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