Hard Shell- Providing the Ultimate Protection

Protection does not stop at wearing a vest, in today’s society one must think of the threat in greater terms, small explosives, drive-by shootings, attacks, etc. There are ways of combating these larger scale attacks too. Every day new products come on to the market providing organizations and individuals with solutions to threats of attack and terrorism. There is one organization in particular that embraces the challenges brought on by developments within the body armour industry.

Hard Shell has a well-established company specializes in providing the very best solution in protective body armour. Hard Shell designed its garments specifically for defense against physical and violent attack.

Hard Shell has set up a state of the art manufacturing facility for all ballistic protection. The unit is manufacturing soft armour panels up to NOJ level IIIA using Kevlar. Also, the hard armour panels made from lightweight high-performance polyethylene fibers.

bulletproofvestHard Shell produces combat helmets with the latest evolution of well-proven design. Incorporating new materials to make the helmet more lightweight and providing better performance, combined with an improved harness design, which makes the helmet even more comfortable to wear.

This company is specialized in armored vests and jackets which are very light in weight and engineered with the latest technology and the world’s best Aramid fabrics. The vests protect the front, back, sides and over the shoulder as a standard. All outer covers are removable, for washing and cleaning. Outer covers also come in water resistant or flame resistant material. These vests are designed as easy to wear and allow the wearer to perform all the duties associated with military operations hassle free. Vest colors and fabric are available at customer’s specification. The vests are the lightest combined protection available for both male and female size from Small to XXXL.

Apart from these Hard Shell produces EOD suit, Demining Suit, bomb blankets & shields, etc. All the products are tested and approved to the US NIJ standard. This company endeavors to keep in line or the front of the very latest technology developments to ensure that its customers regard them as their preferred supplier right across the spectrum of our soldiers.

About the Author

Hard Shell is a multi-location company. It provides full body safety protection equipment's as per costumer requirements. Visit: https://www.hardshell.ae/