The Evolution of Body Armor and the Outer Tactical Vest

outer tactical vest

In early 1960s, both the U.S. Military and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) initiated research programs that lead to the development of lightweight soft body armor systems that would meet the “modern evolving threats”.  Then, in 1965, DuPont chemist Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar; fiber that was originally intended to replace steel belting in vehicle tires but was found to have excellent ballistic properties. Her invention ushered in the modern era of ballistic resistant armor.  Soft armor is credited for saving thousands of lives in both the Military and Law Enforcement. Many other fibers have been introduced into the marketplace, but Kevlar remains among the top performers for both soft and hard armor applications.

These developments in fiber technologies, improved manufacturing capabilities and mission specific/capable vests have led to new generations of both Concealed and Outer Tactical Armor. The newer designs have redefined what soft armor looks like and how it is worn. Concealed armor now offers greater protection from a wide variety of threats for both male and females with increasing lighter and thinner designs. The Outer Tactical Vest can now be designed to include extremity protection to include neck, throat, deltoids, and groin without hampering mission. With additional Hard Armor Rifle Plates, the wearer can protect against threats to include Armor Piercing Projectiles.

Future  PPE  will continue to evolve and improve with new technology.  Leading the way is Nano-Technology (NT).  NT will enable greatly improved protection in soft and hard armor as well as related trauma and blast mitigation with increasing lighter and thinner applications.

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