Hard Shell FZE manufacturers one of the best bullet proof helmets in the world. Our bullet proof helmets are lighter in weight with no lip or ear coverage especially designed for Swat Teams and Special Services to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. Our B.P. helmets are available in various ranges like PASGT helmets, MICH helmets, special forces helmets etc. In addition to this, our helmets have following eye catching features:-

  • lightweight ballistic helmet model .
  • High ballistic performance.
  • High tenacity ballistic aramid fiber Kevlar by DuPont.
  • Compatible with add on devices like NVD, face shields, CBRN and communication devices etc.
  • NIJ level IIIA Standard ( 9mm, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum ) Multi-hit protection tested on all sides including the crown .
  • Updated design improves comfort, balance and stress fatigue.
  • Mesh suspension system with Multiple point adjustable harness and leather crown support, shock absorption.
  • Air gap between harness and shell provides excellent ventilation and improved sweat management .
  • Laser cut edges with rubber coated finishing strip, Drop tested and designed for superior performance.
  • Water & oil resistant.
  • 5 year performance warranty on Helmet shell.

Our bullet proof helmets protect the head that could lead to any serious or life threatening injury. If you’d like more information about our any class of B.P helmet, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff. Ordering procedures are quite simple and straightforward. For more information about our products, just log on to, or visit the store located at the Sharjah Airport Free Zone, UAE.

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